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Mold Remediation - Mold Removal Miami Springs

Houses are designed to keep families safe and secure – to effectively protect from the elements outside. Unfortunately, there may come a time when a home is damaged severely, or takes on some unwanted outside elements. There are several ways this could make it dangerous for those living inside, mold being one way.

Mold typically grows when moisture is present; this is why mold is often an outcome of flood damage and excess water. However, it is very common for mold to start flourishing due to small amounts of water from leaky pipes, roofs, etc. Mold bacteria are carried by air and can cause allergic reactions in many people, some who didn’t even know they were susceptible beforehand. The most effective way to protect your property from mold damage, and your loved ones from associated health risks, is to seek professional mold remediation.

Once you contact the nearest Water Damage Miami Springs office, we can promptly come to your residence and assess your mold damage. We will then consult certified hygienists to determine the extent of the mold damage, and begin a plan for the remediation procedures. We have the expertise and experience to contain and remove all signs of mold from your home. We can then restore it back to its original condition. You can be assured that any and all mold problems will have been properly addressed, as after we have completed the work, we use advanced clearance tests to verify that the job was done correctly.

Our Mold Removal Services include:

- A professional review of scientific data and the protocol utilized
- Professional on site evaluation and expert preparation of appropriate course of action
- Erection of proper containment barriers and negative air process
- Decontamination, cleaning, and storage of all salvageable contents
- Removal, containment, and disposal of contaminated structural components
- Decontamination and cleaning of remaining structural components
- HEPA filtration system, to clean all mold spores from the air